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Client Testimonials

From Presidents to Vice Presidents and Alumni Directors to development officers and local volunteers - see what our clients have to say about us:


BOB SHEPARD, Vice President, Alumni and Development, Duke University

"College Connections is terrific! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to achieve great success in their alumni programs and related development efforts. Their extraordinary work and leadership have enhanced our efforts in ways that go well beyond the desired record numbers of alums engaged: they have enabled us to involve more alumni in meaningful ways and provided value to graduates and the university alike.
Their experience, creativity, and dynamic programs are unsurpassed. They have brought a diverse and committed group together and made them informed advocates and ambassadors for Duke. College Connections has been a key part of Duke's success since 1988."

SAM LUNDQUIST, Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, Bucknell University

“Jim has served Bucknell in a wonderful and dynamic way. He helped to bring stability to our office during a time of change while infusing new energy and creativity in a manner that served the University and its alumni very well. He sees the big picture while attending to the important details of his work.

He can be counted on to quickly understand organizational goals and work hard to achieve them. Jim is a great colleague and dedicated team player. He is a delight to work with and can always be relied upon to get the job done well. Jim has earned our heartfelt endorsement and recommendation.”

DAVID L. UNRUH, Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Temple University

“I highly recommend College connections for any institution seeking to dramatically improved its alumni relations program. Over a year long engagement, Jim Warren provided exceptional strategic and creative leadership to Temple's alumni relations program, assisting the Institutional Advancement program through an important external assessment while serving as the Interim Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations. Jim brought stability to our alumni relations program during a period of significant change, and dramatically enhance the program's performance, sophistication, and impact.

Thanks to Jim's leadership, Temple Alumni Relations is well poised to drive significant gains in alumni engagement and volunteer involvement, and to better support Temple's fundraising objectives. I am deeply appreciative of all that Jim did for Temple and am delighted to endorse him to others.

DAVE SURGALA, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Bucknell University

“Incredible value…outstanding results…a wise investment in alumni and development that already has paid huge dividends and will continue to do so for years to come!

Jim Warren deftly grasped Bucknell’s expansive vision, enhanced it in many ways, developed a creative program to implement it, and then he hired, trained and led the team that has delivered one remarkable achievement after another. We are truly fortunate to have Jim Warren and College Connections on board as part of our team."

DR. DOUGLAS COVINGTON, President, Virginia Public University

"I wish to express my gratitude and highest commendations for your valuable contributions during my tenure as President over the past ten years. Through your diligence, enthusiasm and overall exemplary, mutually beneficial relationship has developed....congratulations to you and your very able staff on a job well done!"


"Jim is a real leader at Duke, and I rely greatly on his counsel on a wide range of issues."

TRUSTEE, Private University

"You nailed it! I have heard wonderful news from many different age groups about all aspects of the successful 2006 Reunion and I write to congratulate you and thank you!"

DIRECTOR, North Carolina Public University

"Tremendous! No one could do what College Connections did for us in the Mid-Atlantic region. They promised us great results. They more than kept their promise -- even exceeded my wildest expectations."

JOHN PIVA, Senior Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development, Duke University

" investment that more than pays for itself in alumni goodwill and local visibility in an important market."

LEN MELLMAN, Board Member and Past President, Temple University Alumni Association

"...Jim came on board and went right to work, quickly developing a rapport with the Board members as well as the staff. Those of us on the Board were particularly impressed with the speed with which Jim understood and responded to our concerns and issues

...He constantly encouraged and helped us to "think outside the box" and to find the novel approaches we needed. Some of the projects we had been struggling with for years; Jim was able, through his strong leadership and great organizational skills to help us make it happen. In just six months we were able to realize a concept we had been trying to develop for years.

Jim did all of this with minimal staff and constant good cheer. He never questioned the time demanded of him and was always warm but disciplined in how he went about everything he did."

STERLY WILDER, Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs, Duke University

"Jim Warren and College Connections are exceptional at what they do which is delivering tremendous results that add significant and lasting value year after year."

NORLEEN POMERANTZ, Vice President, Student Affairs, Radford University

"...[I] endorse Mr. Jim Warren and his colleagues at College Connections, Inc. as a group that has provided excellent service to Radford University for 14 years. [Jim's] creativity and ability to follow a project through all of its stages of implementation have been keys to many successful RU projects."

PRESIDENT, American Friends Alumni Society

"Thank you so much for making us so successful this year."

HAROLD CHEATHAM, Dean, College of Health, Education and Human Development, Clemson University

"Jim is a superb listener [with an] adroit and professional manner. Of greatest value to me personally is Jim’s problem solving ability. I am always confident that he has heard and responded to [donors] observations….He is an excellent strategist….I greatly value Jim’s work"

RICHARD HUMPHREY, CEO, President Alumni Association, Bucknell University

"It is a pleasure to have the opportunity of recommending Jim Warren of College Connections. Jim became a lifeline for Bucknell Univeristy and me at a critical juncture. Coincidental to my election as President of the Board of Directors, the Director of Alumni Relations resigned to pursue other opportunities. Jim never missed a beat....Jim inspires great confidence and builds excellent collegial relationships - even under tough deadlines."

GEORGE DORFMAN, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Affairs, Duke University

"I enjoy working with College Connections. They use their comprehensive and unmatched experience to develop practical programs and activities that always exceed expectations and help us achieve our goals."

PRESIDENT EMERITA, Duke Club of Washington
"Creative ... knowledgeable ... reliable ... They make volunteering for Duke fun. They're great!"

DAVID ROCHESTER, Chair, Clemson Club Regional Board of Directors

"I've worked with College Connections since the 90s and am constantly amazed at the incredible work they do year after year. They have an uncanny ability to identify unique opportunities for Clemson, engage both staff and volunteers, and then bring the opportunity to fruition. They make volunteering both fun and productive."

KAY COUCH BUNTING, Associate Director, Annual Giving

"It's clear that there is a strong correlation between a successful local alumni program and increased contributions. College Connections has enabled us to take advantage of this correlation in many ways."

JERRY HUTCHENS, Director of University Advancement

"A very cost efficient way to involve alumni in the University ... wonderful way to expand the alumni network with limited resources."

DAVID KRAUS, Director of Admissions, Radford University

"Under Jim's leadership, Radford University has greatly improved its image in a very competitive market. Radford University certainly has benefited from Jim's ability to create programs that work, engage the right participants, and carry each detail through to completion. It is with confidence that [I] recommend Jim Warren and College Connections, Inc."

DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE, Lake Braddock Secondary School

"…[Jim] is accessible, approachable, professional, reliable, outgoing, and most of all he cares about students. He will bend over backwards to assist you in anything that deals with a student….We feel he is a great listener and he understands our point of view…."


"…Jim has done an extraordinary public relations job for Radford University….He is very professional and enthusiastic and an asset to [Radford]. "

DEBORAH W. FOWLKES, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations, Temple University

“I engaged Jim Warren to assist in developing our Regional Engagement program because of his extensive experience, strategic planning abilities, and proven record of achievement. He's an excellent listener, who quickly understood our vision and goals, and is a pleasure to work with.

He not only delivered an outstanding framework for our Regional program, but he did so on time and under budget.”


"You have done the best PR job of any other college and you communicate better also. You have an A+ rating with us! "


"You are a credit to Duke University. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do...."


"The D.C. visit was a smashing success! Thanks for all that you did to bring so many people together. You're great!."

WIL BRASINGTON, Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Clemson University

"Jim and his team do a tremendous job supporting the affairs of Clemson alumni in the Northern VA/DC/Baltimore area, and have done so for years now. In fact, their efforts -- combined with those of the volunteer leadership in the area -- have led that particular club to be a model of successful alumni engagement."

CHAIRMAN, College Partnership Program, Parent Advisory Council

Awarded Jim Warren the Partner in Education Award for contributing to the development and support of the College Partnership Program.


“[Jim] is always professional, knowledgeable, approachable, and available to both our staff and students….His enthusiasm and energy creates such a positive effect that it is always a pleasure to work with him. I am always confident that Jim will find the information or solution that I need when I call, even if that would require more than would usually be expected….”


“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jim Warren….the way he undertakes his job should be a model for other Virginia colleges."

COORDINATOR, College Partnership Program

“…merely listing [Jim’s accomplishments] does not convey the personal touch that Jim brings to his interactions with CPP students and families….Without a doubt, Jim is the most proactive, the most creative, the most energetic….”

SUPERVISOR, Loudoun County Guidance and Health Services

“When Jim is organizing an event, we do not worry about any omitted details. He is meticulous in his planning and organization. Jim models professionalism. He is respectful of everyone he encounters and treats all requests and questions with dignity.”

PIERRE ALLAIRE, Associate Vice President for Development

“You have done exceptional work to organize the Baltimore and Washington alumni clubs. I was impressed with your style and group skills.

MENDAL BOUKNIGHT, Chief Development Officer, Clemson University

"Professional enthusiasm describes the approach Jim Warren and CCI take to their effort with Clemson University. Jim has structured an approach to building our active alumni base that is methodical, focused and accountable. Clemson’s relationship with College Connections is showing a return on our investment through a growing number of major gift relationships, an active alumni club and an emerging number of next generation alumni we want to have engaged with Clemson. Jim has made this happen for us."

DEBBIE DUBOSE, Chief Alumni Officer, Clemson University

"Jim's greatest accomplishment for the year was bringing the ...Foundation to campus...and closing gifts and pledges that total more than $400,000. Without Jim's connections, Clemson would have had no connection with this Foundation and would have had little hope of securing a gift from them.

"Jim is extremely efficient and has a wonderful manner with donors."

"He is a professional and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that he provides what he promises in the stated time frame.

JODY BRYSON, Director of Field Activities, Clemson Alumni Association

"They've enabled us to stretch limited resources well beyond what we ever imagined. Great people, great work, great value!"

BEV BROSNAN, Administrative Assistant, Clemson Alumni Association

"They do incredible work ... conscientious ... professional ... a real pleasure to work with."

FRANK WAESCHE, P.E., Regional Board Member

"Excellent performance ... a solid resource."

DIRECTOR, Alumni Association, Public University

"Thanks for all your excellent work....We're seeing great results."

PATRICK SIMS, Regional Board Member, D.C. Young Alumni Representative

"... a fantastic job in getting increased alumni activity. In my four years of involvement in the area, the last year working with College Connections has been the best."

ELSIE KIRTON, Director, Guidance and Student Registration, Fairfax County

"... It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for James Warren and College Connections, Inc. It has been a privilege to work with Jim for four years."

COL FRANK COX, Regional Board Member, Past President, D.C. Chapter

"Overall performance is excellent ... very professional ... exceptional accuracy. I highly recommend College Connections."

DOLORES M. SZYMANSKI, Ed.D., Treasurer, Temple University Alumni Association

"Immediately upon taking the position [as Interim Executive Director], Jim plunged into the work of the Association with full force...Jim spent countless hours with the executive committee, standing committees, and directors where he demonstrated his creativity, drive, professionalism, empathy, and grace.

As chair of the 2011 Alumni Weekend, I worked closely with Jim from the inception to the conclusion. I was impressed by Jim's ability to work with diverse groups of stakeholders. He motivated staff, students, and alumni to make Alumni Weekend a historic event for Temple. His ability to go beyond standard ideas and practices is noteworthy.

I highly recommend Jim for any position for which he may apply. He would certainly be an asset."

TOM PARKS, Department Chair, Clemson University

"…it never would have happened without you [funding for a new educational program]. You’re the one who put the people together, came up with the package, and arranged for the delivery, and you’re the one that made it not only possible but made it happen. Many, many thanks…for what you have accomplished for us and Clemson…Thanks again for being the key that opened up all these wonderful opportunities for all of us."

KATE KEMERY, Associate Director, Temple University Alumni Relations Office

"...Jim is more than a consultant and manager, he is a true leader. Always forward thinking, he quickly grasped our vision and not only helped us expand this vision but also effectively positioned and motivated our greatly understaffed office to achieve it....

Jim is committed to excellence in everything he does. He is an outstanding relationship manager with the ability to quickly create meaningful partnerships with volunteers, board members, donors, staff and university administration. His "can do" spirit and constant enthusiasm is contagious.

...Under his leadership, I have grown both personally and professionally and have been inspired to excel in my career in Alumni Relations. Jim demonstrates the true meaning of honesty, hard-work, intergrity and overall exemplary character."

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